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Fig. 2

From: A Genome-Wide Association Study of Field Resistance to Magnaporthe Oryzae in Rice

Fig. 2

Grouping of the RDP1 cultivars and blast resistance of the different sub-populations. a Phylogenetic tree of RDP1. ADM = admixture; ARO = aromatic; AUS = aus; IND = indica; TEJ = temperate japonica; TRJ = tropic japonica. Distribution of blast resistance scores of RDP1 in the six sub-populations in Shanghang (b), Taojiang (c) and Wuchang (d), respectively. The area of black circles represent the accession numbers, the red line represents the standard deviation (SD) of the blast resistance scores in each sub-population, and the gray line represents the average level of the blast resistance scores of the RDP1 cultivars

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