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Table 2 Information on the genes related to sucrose transport, sucrose cleavage, intermediate metabolic steps and starch biosynthesis

From: Laser microdissection-based gene expression analysis in the aleurone layer and starchy endosperm of developing rice caryopses in the early storage phase

Category Accession No. Description Reference Major changes in grain appearance and starch properties with the mutant and genetic manipulation of gene
Sucrose transport and cleavage D87819 Sucrose transporter (SUT1) OsSUT1; Hirose et al. 1997 Impaired grain filling (Scofield et al. 2002)
  AK072276 Cell wall invertase 2 OsCIN2; Cho et al. 2005 Chalky phenotype with abnormal amyloplast (gif1; Wang et al. 2008)
  AK100306 Sucrose synthase 3 SUS3; Hirose et al. 2008 -
  AK102158 Sucrose synthase 4 SUS4; Hirose et al. 2008 -
Metabolic step between sucrose cleavage and starch biosynthesis DQ116384 Hexokinase 2 OsHXK2; Cho et al. 2006 -
  DQ116386 Hexokinase 4 OsHXK4; Cho et al. 2006 -
  DQ116387 Hexokinase 5 OsHXK5; Cho et al. 2006 -
  DQ116388 Hexokinase 6 OsHXK6; Cho et al. 2006 -
  DQ116390 Hexokinase 8 OsHXK8; Cho et al. 2006 -
  AB062606 UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase UGPase; Abe et al. 2002, OsUgp1; Chen et al. 2007, UGPase1; Woo et al. 2008 Chalky phenotype (Koh et al. 1999)
  AF455812 Phosphoglucomutase NCBIa; Akiyama, unpublished. -
Starch biosynthesis U66041 ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase large subunit OsAGPL2; Ohdan et al. 2005; Lee et al. 2007 shrunken phenotype (Lee et al. 2007)
  AK103906 ADP-glucose pyrophosphorylase small subunit OsAGPS2b; Ohdan et al. 2005; Lee et al. 2007 shrunken phenotype (Lee et al. 2007)
  AK107368 ADP-glucose transporter OsBT1-1; Toyota et al. 2006 brittle phenotype (maize; Shannon et al. 1998, barley; Patron et al. 2004)
  D16202 Soluble starch synthase 1 SSS; Baba et al. 1993, SSI; Hirose and Terao 2004, OsSSI; Ohdan et al. 2005 Altered fine structure of amylopectin (Fujita et al. 2006)
  AF419099 Soluble starch synthase II-3 SSII-3; Hirose and Terao 2004, SSIIa; Ohdan et al. 2005 Altered fine structure of amylopectin (alk; Umemoto et al. 2004)
  AY100469 Soluble starch synthase III-2 SSIII-2; Hirose and Terao 2004, OsSSIII-2; Dian et al. 2005, OsSSIIIa; Ohdan et al. 2005 White-cored chalky phenotype and altered fine structure of amylopectin (Fujita et al. 2007, flo5; Ryoo et al. 2007)
  X62134 Granule-bound starch synthase I Okagaki 1992, GBSSI; Hirose and Terao 2004, OsGBSSI; Ohdan et al. 2005 waxy phenotype with the absence of amylose (Itoh et al. 2003)
  D11082 Starch branching enzyme I RBEI; Mizuno et al. 1992, OsBE1; Ohdan et al. 2005 Altered fine structure of amylopectin (sbeI; Satoh et al. 2003)
  D16201 Starch branching enzyme IIb RBEIII; Mizuno et al. 1993, OsBEIIb; Ohdan et al. 2005 Chalky phenotype and altered fine structure of amylopectin (amylose-extender; Nishi et al. 2001)
  AB093426 Starch debranching enzyme: Isoamylase I OsISA1; Ohdan et al. 2005 sugary phenotype (sugary-1; Kubo et al. 1999a)
  AK063766 Plastidial phosphorylase OsPHOL; Ohdan et al. 2005 shrunken to pseudonormal phenotypes (pho1; Satoh et al. 2008), protein phosphorylation in amyloplast (wheat; Tetlow et al. 2004)
  1. aDirect submission to The National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)