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Table 4 Effect of shading treatment on the relative content (%) volatile compounds in grains

From: Shading during the grain filling period increases 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline content in fragrant rice

Compounds Yuxiangyouzhan Nongxiang 18
S0 S1 S2 S3 Mean S0 S1 S2 S3 Mean
(E)-2-Hexenal 0.58c 1.76a 1.67a 1.17b 1.29 1.15b 2.16a 1.86a 1.55ab 1.68*
1-Hexanol 1.45a 1.12a 1.65a 1.69a 1.48 2.10ab 2.55a 2.21ab 1.78b 2.16
Heptanal 15.73a 19.84a 17.97a 16.28a 17.45 25.11ab 22.99b 24.14ab 25.91a 24.51*
2-acetyl-1-pyrroline 18.06b 18.07b 18.08b 22.93a 19.29* 10.84b 14.22a 14.17a 13.11a 13.08
Octane 7.26a 7.22a 5.91b 5.83b 6.55 7.00ab 7.47a 6.25bc 6.01c 6.68*
1-Heptanol 1.29a 1.07a 0.85a 0.86a 1.02 1.06a 0.98a 1.29a 1.02a 1.09
1-Octen-3-ol 1.96a 2.16a 3.43a 1.80a 2.34 2.12a 1.94a 1.87a 2.08a 2.00
Octanal 11.92b 14.81a 13.56ab 11.60b 12.97 13.36b 13.62b 13.26b 15.24a 13.87*
Benzyl alcohol 0.24b 0.74a 0.38ab 0.61ab 0.52 0.20b 0.78a 0.27b 0.82a 0.49
Benzeneacetaldehyde 5.31a 3.95a 4.00a 5.53a 4.70 4.16ab 4.90a 4.16ab 3.73b 4.23
3,8-Dimethylundecane 12.08a 9.62a 9.81a 13.36a 11.22 9.46b 12.16a 12.22a 8.67b 10.63
  1. Means in the same row followed by different lower case letters for the same variety differ significantly at P = 0.05 by LSD tests. Means of the two varieties followed by asterisk for the same compound difer significant at P = 0.05 by LSD tests.