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Figure 3

From: Split luciferase complementation assay to detect regulated protein-protein interactions in rice protoplasts in a large-scale format

Figure 3

GA3-concentration dependent GID1-SLR1 interaction was detected in rice protoplasts. (A) Rice protoplasts were transformed with a pair of vectors expressing NRLuc-GID1 and CRLuc-SLR1 in a 96-well plate. Luminescence signals were measured about every 6 min for 90 min before and after adding gibberellin (GA3, 1, 10, 100 μM) or W5 buffer (as a negative control) in rice protoplasts. GA3 and W5 buffer were added at 60 min after adding luciferase substrate (indicated with an open triangle). The graph shows mean RLU ± S.E. (n = 6). (B) Proteins were extracted from the transformed protoplasts. The proteins were analyzed by immunoblot assays using the anti-NRLuc antibody (left panel) or anti-CRLuc antibody (right panel). Equal protein loading was confirmed by CBB staining. Notice the amounts of recombinant proteins do not change.

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