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Table 1 Comparison of SNP among mitochondrial sequences reported by Notsu et al. ( 2002 ), Tian et al. ( 2006 ) and the current study

From: Re-sequencing of mitochondrial genes in a standard rice cultivar Nipponbare

Gene CDS Length (bp) Position of SNP Position of SNP in BA000029.3 Notsu et al. (2002) Tian et al. (2006) Current study
BA000029.3 DQ167400.1  
     genomic seq genomic seq genomic seq cDNA seq
ccmFn 1,785 185 323,671 gGt (G) gCt (A) gCt (A) gCt (A)
   677 323,179 gCc (A) gGc (G) gGc (G) gGc (G)
mat-r 2,037 1,809 316,040 cgT (R) cgA (R) cgA (R) cgA (R)
   1,812 316,037 acC (T) acG (T) acG (T) acG (T)
nad4 1,488 759 200,397 gcT (A) gcA (A) gcA (A) gcA (A)
nad6 618 21 60,116 tcT (S) tcG (S) tcG (S) tcG (S)
   97 60,040 Atc (I) Gtc (V) Gtc (V) Gtc (V)
   166 59,971 Att (I) Gtt (V) Gtt (V) Gtt (V)
   398 59,739 aAt (N) aGt (S) aGt (S) aGt (S)
   414 59,723 gaC (D) gaA (E) gaA (E) gaA (E)
   467 59,670 aCt (T) aGt (S) aGt (S) aGt (S)
   474 59,663 atC (I) atT (I) atT (I) atT (I)
   476 59,661 tCa (S) tTa (L) tTa (L) tTa (L)
   562 59,575 Ctg (L) Ttg (L) Ttg (L) Ttg (L)
   567 59,570 gaC (D) gaT (D) gaT (D) gaT (D)
   607 59,530 Tcg (S) Acg (T) Acg (T) Acg (T)
rpl2 1,509 1,249 297,421 Ttc (F) Ctc (L) Ctc (L) Ctc (L)
rrn18 1,695 1,566 282,896 C T T T
rrn26 3,542 1,980 382,078 G C C C
  1. The position of the SNP is shown relative to the start site of each protein-coding gene or mature rRNA. Each SNP is capitalized in the corresponding codon, with the amino acid change shown in parentheses.