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Table 1 Gene symbols frequently used in this study according to the new gene nomenclature system for rice (McCouch and CGSNL 2008)

From: Chromosomal Location of HWA1 and HWA2, Complementary Hybrid Weakness Genes in Rice

  Gene symbol   
  Oka (1957) Kinoshita (1984) Sato et al. (1987) This study Gene full name Carrier of weakness-causing gene
Locus/gene     HWA1 HYBRID WEAKNESS A1  
Dominant allele L 1 L-1-a Hwa-1 Hwa1-1 Hybrid weakness a1-1 P.T.B.10, A.D.T.4, A.D.T.14, M.T.U.9, P.T.B.8
Recessive allele + + Hwa-1 + hwa1-2 hybrid weakness a1-2  
Locus/gene     HWA2 HYBRID WEAKNESS A2  
Dominant allele L 2 L-1-b Hwa-2 Hwa2-1 Hybrid weakness a2-1 P.T.B.7, accession 418
Recessive allele + + Hwa-2 + hwa2-2 hybrid weakness a2-2