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Table 1 Putative QTLs Controlling SPAD Value of Flag Leaves at Heading Stage and Days-to-Heading in BILs between Sasanishiki and Habataki

From: A Quantitative Trait Locus for Chlorophyll Content and its Association with Leaf Photosynthesis in Rice

Trait Chr. Flanking markera LOD A b R 2c
SPAD value 4 R514 9.1 2.2 31.3
Days-to-heading 7 G1068 5.0 2.0 13.9
8 C1121 3.7 −1.9 9.8
12 R367 5.4 2.1 16.3
  1. aThe LOD peak of each QTL was at the position of the indicated DNA marker
  2. bAdditive effect of the Habataki allele compared with the Sasanishiki allele
  3. cPercentage of phenotypic variance explained by each QTL