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Table 2 Sugarcane Probe Pairs with t Values of 22–25 That Identify Sorghum Transcripts with SFPs but not ELPs

From: Molecular Markers for Sweet Sorghum Based on Microarray Expression Data

Sugarcane probe set Probe pair # Sorghum bicolor ID Position Function
t value = 22
Sof.4093.2.S1_at 6 NGH Ch1_8313833..8313816  
Sof.4567.1.S1_at 8 Sb01g044810 Ch1_67980922..67980946 MADS-box transcription factor
Sof.5184.2.S1_a_at 6 Sb03g001160 Ch3_991187..991163 Similar to Os02g0294700 protein
SofAffx.1284.1.S1_s_at 3 Sb03g008870 Ch3_9656668..9656644 Unknown
Sof.5348.1.S1_at 11 Sb03g003510 Ch3_3731533..3731509 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2
Sof.2770.1.S1_at 4 Sb03g041770 Ch3_69253777..69253759 Unknown
Sof.3851.1.S1_at 10 Sb05g004130 Ch5_4878250..4878268 60S ribosomal protein L3
Sof.2692.1.S1_at 5 Sb08g002250 Ch8_2360780..2360756 Cytochrome P450
Sof.4985.2.S1_a_at 10 Sb08g018480 Ch8_48581627..48581646 ATP-citrate synthase
SofAffx.1129.1.S1_at 2 Sb08g021850 Ch8_53598165..53598144 Serine/threonine protein phosphatase
SofAffx.1129.1.S1_at 9 Sb08g021850 Ch8_53598029..53598005 Serine/threonine protein phosphatase
Sof.4246.1.S1_a_at 11 Sb09g005270 Ch9_6772194..6772216 Unknown
t value = 23
Sof.2535.1.A1_at 6 Sb02g011130 Ch2_18051363..18051363 Similar to putative RES protein
Sof.1282.2.S1_a_at 11 NGH Ch2_57946767..57946743  
Sof.1664.2.S1_a_at 1 Sb03g033760 Ch3_62018464..62018488 Putative BURP domain-containing protein
SofAffx.1284.1.S1_x_at 2 Sb03g008870 Ch3_9656190..9656166 Unknown
Sof.497.2.S1_at 7 Sb07g027480 Ch7_62509159..62509135 3-Hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coA reductase
Sof.1190.1.S1_at 8 Sb07g005930 Ch7_8393958..8393934 Unknown
Sof.2692.1.S1_at 6 Sb08g002250 Ch8_2360760..2360736 Cytochrome P450
Sof.355.1.S1_at 8 Sb09g005570 Ch9_7345144..7345120 Heat shock protein
t value = 24
Sof.4310.1.S1_at 3 Sb01g028500 Ch1_49703504..49703480 Senescence-associated protein like
Sof.4030.1.A1_at 10 Sb02g003450 Ch2_3915697..3915680 Similar to B0616E02-H0507E05.5 protein
Sof.4972.1.S1_a_at 9 NGH Ch3_17046891..17046867  
Sof.1835.1.S1_at 3 Sb03g033140 Ch3_61527980..61527956 Putative nuclear RNA binding protein A
Sof.1003.1.S1_at 2 Sb05g002580 Ch5_2717665..2717641 Cytochrome P450
Sof.1694.1.A1_at 9 Sb06g033460 Ch6_61437575..61437596 Similar to H0913C04.1 protein
Sof.3020.2.A1_at 4 Sb09g002960 Ch9_3216665..3216682 Aspartic proteinase
t value = 25
Sof.2803.1.S1_at 11 Sb01g043050 Ch1_66375993..66375971 Unknown
Sof.1537.1.S1_at 7 Sb03g011270 Ch3_12484656..12484632 Mg-protoporphyrin IX monomethyl ester cyclase
Sof.2992.1.A1_at 6 Sb04g037920 Ch4_67480989..67481008 Similar to Os04g0137500
Sof.1443.1.S1_at 7 Sb04g010990 Ch4_15758311..15758334 Unknown
Sof.3814.1.S1_at 11 Sb04g019020 Ch4_44439307..44439289 Fructose bisphosphate aldolase
Sof.3699.1.A1_at 4 Sb07g005850 Ch7_8311400..8311376 Equilibrative nucleoside transporter 1
Sof.2286.1.A1_at 2 Sb09g025350 Ch9_54815478..54815502 Similar to Os05g051300
Sof.1994.1.S1_x_at 7 Sb10g005375 Ch10_4802664..4802640  
  1. NGH Non-genic hit