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TableĀ 1 Mean Lesion Density and Percent Diseased Leaf Area (%DLA) of IR64-Derived Mutant Lines at Seedling Stage Using Two Blast Isolates, PO6-6 and Ca89

From: A Recessive Mutation in Rice Conferring Non-Race-Specific Resistance to Bacterial Blight and Blast

Line PO6-6a Ca89a
Lesion densityb % DLA Lesion density % DLA
G978-18-8 2.44b 5.62b 0.24b 0.67b
G978-12-16 5.12a 32.47a 2.92a 14.30a
IR64 4.05a 27.47a 3.84a 17.90a
  1. aInoculum concentration = 75 spores/ml
  2. bMeans followed by a common letter are not significantly different at the 5% level by LSD