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Table 4 Candidate Genes in the HWC2 Region with the aid of RiceGAAS (Sakata et al. 2002)

From: Fine Mapping of HWC2, a Complementary Hybrid Weakness Gene, and Haplotype Analysis Around the Locus in Rice

ORF Protein Rice ESTs EST source Corresponding predicted genes in
RAP-DBa MSU rice genome annotationb
1 Putative XA1 AK105096c Nipponbare Os04g0622600 LOC_Os04g53160
AB002266d IRBB1
2 putative RING3 AK067276c Nipponbare Os04g0623100 LOC_Os04g53170
3 Unknown protein AK105231c Nipponbare Os04g0623200 LOC_Os04g53180
4 Hypothetical protein    None None
5 Putative LSD1 AK064902c Nipponbare Os04g0623300 LOC_Os04g53190
  1. aThe Rice Annotation Project (2008)
  2. bOuyang et al. (2007)
  3. cThe Rice Full-Length cDNA Consortium (2003)
  4. dYoshimura et al. (1998)