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Table 2 Rice Genes Associated with Small RNA Biogenesis

From: The Cornucopia of Small RNAs in Plant Genomes

Class Gene Locusa Rice mutant publishedb Publicly available mutant linec
Argonaute AGO1 LOC_Os02g58490 N/A T-DNA
OsPNH1 LOC_Os06g39640 N/A T-DNA, Tos17
AGO4 LOC_Os01g16870 N/A N/A
Argonaute-likea LOC_Os07g28850 N/A T-DNA, Tos17
AGO6 LOC_Os04g06770 N/A T-DNA
Argonaute-like LOC_Os03g58600 N/A T-DNA, Tos17
Argonaute-like LOC_Os06g51310 N/A T-DNA, Tos17
Argonaute-like LOC_Os04g47870 N/A T-DNA
AGO3 LOC_Os04g52540 N/A T-DNA
Argonaute-like LOC_Os03g47830 N/A T-DNA
OsPNH1 LOC_Os02g45070 N/A N/A
Argonaute-like LOC_Os07g09020 N/A T-DNA
AGO2 LOC_Os04g52550 N/A T-DNA, Tos17
AGO7 LOC_Os03g33650 shl4/sho2 T-DNA
Argonaute-like LOC_Os07g16230 N/A N/A
Argonaute-like LOC_Os02g07310 N/A T-DNA, Tos17
argonaute-like LOC_Os03g47820 N/A T-DNA, Tos17
Argonaute-like LOC_Os03g57560 N/A T-DNA
Dicer DCL1 LOC_Os03g02970 dcl1 RNAi mutant T-DNA
DCL2a LOC_Os03g38740 N/A T-DNA
DCL2b LOC_Os09g14610 N/A T-DNA
DCL3a LOC_Os01g68120 N/A T-DNA
DCL3b LOC_Os10g34430 N/A T-DNA, Tos17
DCL4 LOC_Os04g43050 sho1; dcl4 RNAi T-DNA
RNA-dependent RNA polymerase
  RDR1 LOC_Os02g50330 N/A T-DNA, Tos17
  RDR2 LOC_Os04g39160 N/A T-DNA
  RDR3a LOC_Os01g10130 N/A T-DNA
  RDR3b LOC_Os01g10140 N/A T-DNA
  RDR6 LOC_Os01g34350 shl2 (RDR6) T-DNA
RNA Polymerase IV NRPD1A LOC_Os04g48370 N/A T-DNA
NRPD1B LOC_Os02g05880 N/A T-DNA
NRPD2A LOC_Os04g54840 N/A N/A
NRPD2B LOC_Os08g07480 N/A T-DNA, Tos17
  1. aBased on searches from,, and [90, 91].
  2. bFor the specific publications, see the main text.
  3. cThe availability of T-DNA and Tos17 lines was determined by checking publicly available populations, as described in [91].