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Table 1 Effect of Selected Rice Genes on Abiotic Stress Tolerance

From: Toward Understanding Molecular Mechanisms of Abiotic Stress Responses in Rice

Gene (Product) Phenotype (approach) Reference
Component of signal transduction pathway
OsCIPK3 (calcineurin B-like-interacting protein kinase) Cold tolerance (o) [180]
OsCIPK12 (calcineurin B-like-interacting protein kinase) Drought tolerance (o) [180]
OsCIPK15 (calcineurin B-like-interacting protein kinase) Salt tolerance (o) [180]
OsCDPK7 (Ca2+-dependent protein kinase) Cold, drought and salt tolerance (o) [145]
OsCDPK13 (Ca2+-dependent protein kinase) Cold tolerance (o) [1]
OsMAP1/OsMAPK5 (mitogen-activated protein kinase) Cold, drought and salt tolerance (o); Cold, drought and salt sensitivity (r) [182]
Transcription factor
OsDREB1A, OsDREB1B (DRE-binding protein) Cold, drought and salt tolerance (o) [31, 70]
OsABI5 (bZIP transcription factor) Salt tolerance (a); Salt sensitivity (o) [194]
SNAC1 (stress-responsive NAC 1) Drought and salt tolerance (o) [60]
SNAC2 (stress-responsive NAC 2) Cold and salt tolerance (o) [59]
Sub1A-1 (ethylene-response-factor) Submergence tolerance (n, o) [39, 185]
Functional protein
OsAPX1, OsAPX2 (ascorbate peroxides) Salt tolerance (o) [104]
DHAR1 (rice dehydroascorbate reductase) Salt tolerance (o) [176]
OsTPP1 (trehalose-6-phosphate phosphatase) Cold and salt tolerance (o) [46]
OsSOS1 (plasma membrane Na+/H+ antiporter) Salt tolerance (o) [112]
OsNHX1 (tonoplast Na+/H+ antiporter) Salt tolerance (o) [41]
SKC1 (rice HKT-type Na+ transporter) Salt tolerance (n, o) [137]
  1. a anti-sense expression, n near-isogenic line, o overexpression, r RNA interference