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Table 1 Genes that are Expected to be Involved in Hd3a/FT Signaling in SAM

From: Florigen and the Photoperiodic Control of Flowering in Rice

Category Gene name Accession no. Organism Domain Function Reference
Hd3a/FT Hd3a Os06g0157700 Rice Raf-kinase inhibitor Florigen; promotion of flowering [38]
RFT Os06g0157500 Rice Promotion of flowering [28]
FTL Os01g0218500 Rice Promotion of flowering [28]
ZCN8 EU241924 Maize n.d. [11]
ZCN15 EU241930 Maize n.d. [11]
VRN3/TaFT DQ890165 Wheat Promotion of flowering [82]
FT At1g65480 Arabidopsis Florigen; Promotion of flowering [32, 37]
TSF AT4g20370 Arabidopsis Promotion of flowering [78]
CEN/TFL1 RCN1 Os11g0152500 Rice Raf-kinase inhibitor Inhibition of flowering [59]
RCN2 Os02g0531600 Rice Inhibition of flowering [59]
RCN3 Os12g0152000 Rice Inhibition of flowering [59, 87]
OsCEN3 Os04g0411400 Rice n.d. [87]
TFL1 At5g03840 Arabidopsis Inhibition of flowering [5]
FD OsbZIP24 Os02g0833600 Rice bZIP n.d. [60]
OsbZIP27 Os03g0306700 Rice n.d. [60]
OsbZIP54 Os06g0719500 Rice n.d. [60]
OsbZIP55 Os06g0720900 Rice n.d. [60]
OsbZIP56 Os06g0724000 Rice n.d. [60]
OsbZIP69 Os08g0549600 Rice n.d. [60]
OsbZIP77 Os09g0540800 Rice n.d. [60]
DLF1 EF093789 Maize Promotion of flowering [58]
TaFDL2 EU307112 Wheat n.d. [45]
FD At4g35900 Arabidopsis Promotion of flowering [1, 76]
MADS-box transcription factor (FUL/AP1/CAL) OsMADS14/RAP1B Os03g0752800 Rice MADS-box Promotion of flowering [41]
OsMADS15/RAP1A Os07g0108900 Rice n.d. [41]
ZMM4 AJ430641 Maize Promotion of flowering [11]
WAP1/VRN1 AB007504/AY188331 Wheat Promotion of flowering [56, 81]
FUL At5g60910 Arabidopsis Promotion of flowering [15]
AP1 At1g69120 Arabidopsis n.d. [51]
CAL At1g26310 Arabidopsis n.d. [33]
MADS-box transcription factor (SOC1) OsMADS50/OsSOC1 Os03g0122600 Rice MADS-box Promotion of flowering [44]
SOC1 At2g45660 Arabidopsis Promotion of flowering [65]
  1. n.d. Not functionally determined yet