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Table 2 Example of the SD1 Gene and Its Associations

From: Gene Nomenclature System for Rice

Species Oryza sativa
Gene symbol SD1
Gene name SEMIDWARF 1
Gene synonym(s) dee-geo-woo-gen dwarf, d49, d47, green revolution gene, C20OX2, GA C20oxidase2, GA20 oxidase, Gibberellin-20 oxidase
Map location  
Sequence maps  
RAPdb (build #4) Os01g0883800 (O. sativa ssp. ssp. japonica cv. Nipponbare)
TIGR_osa1 (build #4) LOC_Os01g66100 (O. sativa ssp. japonica cv. Nipponbare)
BGI_RIS OsIBCD004089 (O. sativa ssp. indica cv. 93-11)
 Genetic maps JRGP RFLP map: sd1, linkage group-1, 149.1–151 cM
Rice morphological map: sd1, linkage group-1, 73 cM
Citation PMID: 12077303, 11961544, 11939564, etc.
GenBank accession number AB077025, AF465255, AF465256, AY114310, U50333
Uniprot accession number Q8RVF5, Q8S492, Q0JH50, Q2Z294