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Fig. 1

From: Gene Nomenclature System for Rice

Fig. 1

Schematic representation of genes receiving full names. “Genes” refers to the set of all genes in rice. “Sequenced genes” may be from a completely sequenced genome or other nucleotide sequence data sets. The subset of “sequenced genes of known function/phenotype” receives a gene name. Genes with “known function/phenotype, but without sequence” refers to genes that have no sequence information but do receive a gene name (based on their function/phenotype); often these are mapped on a genetic or physical map. “Sequenced genes of unknown function/phenotype” (this includes predicted genes, genes with full-length cDNA support, etc.) do not receive a name because they do not have experimental evidence supporting their function. However, various rice genome annotation projects provide systematic_locus_IDs that will serve as placeholders for names of these genes until they can be elevated into the category of sequenced genes of known function, at which time they will be assigned a gene name and a gene symbol.

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