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Table 1 General Features of Oryza Atlantys Elements

From: Rapid and Differential Proliferation of the Ty3-Gypsy LTR Retrotransposon Atlantys in the Genus Oryza

Species Length LTR5 LTR3 Insertion time TSD Accession number
O. sativa japonica 13,728 1–1512 12215–13728 0.93 CCTGG AP008212.1 (17105002–17118729)
O. sativa indica 13,472 1–1513 11959–13472 0.76 GATTG CM000136 (18570076–18583547)
O. alta 13,828 1–1746 12046–13828 0.45 GTAAT EU257654
O. alta (solo-LTR) 1,833 GCCGG EU257662
O. officinalis 11,921 1–1198 (T) 10735–11921 0.75 n/a EU257656
O. punctata 12,999 1–1524 11470–12999 0.55 GCAGT EU257657
O. granulata 11,226 1–1338 9889–11226 0.99 GGCTG EU257655
O. australiensis (solo-LTR) 1,457 GCGGC EU257663
O. glaberrima (joined-LTR) 1,515 EU257659
O. nivara (joined-LTR) 1,514 EU257660
O. rufipogon (joined-LTR) 1,502 EU257661
O. minuta (solo-LTR) 1,490 GTCAT EU257658
O. ridleyi (solo-LTR) 1,299 GTATG EU257664
  1. For O. sativa elements, the coordinates of the Atlantys elements used are provided along with the accession number of the pseudomolecule. Length—length of the complete element in bp; LTR 3′ and LTR 5′—their coordinates in the complete elements are indicated; insertion time—this is the estimate in million years; TSD—sequence of the target site duplication
  2. n/a Not available, T truncated, TSD target site duplication